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Sinch 1919, we at wahl have delivered quality pet care through each of our products to professional groomers, veterinary doctors, and pet parents. Wahl experts have engineered a powerfull line of clippers and trimmers to bring modern technology to pet grooming. Our everyday range of fur-care products are made of plant derived ingredients and are safe for your pets delicate skin. Our fun- maintanance tools are designed to give a comfortable grooming experience.Naturally cools as it cleans with eucalyptus, camphor, aloe Vera and menthol.This deodorizing formula also helps to reduce foul odors caused by excess build-up that forms in and around the ears. Quickly and effectively clean the wax and other buildup in your dog’s ears with Wahl pet ear cleaner. This natural and veterinary-approved formula takes care of parasites, yeast, debris and bacteria that tend to flourish in the layout of an animal’s ear canal. It also counteracts odors.

  • Effective animal ear cleaning solution.
  • Gentle, non drying formula.
  • Naturally cools as it cleans with eucalyptus, camphor, aloe vera and menthol.