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Wahl Anti-Chewing Spray helps you train your pet not to chew on your belongings. This unique and all-natural formula helps dogs stop self-chewing as well as chewing of products in and around the house. It offers a special blend of bitters that clearly but gently dissuades dogs from chewing wherever applied. The biggest advantage being that the unpleasant taste automatically creates a unique kind of association with the dog, warning him to avoid chewing on various dangers. The light spray can be used basically anywhere around the house including on drapes, furniture, shoes, clothes and most types of upholstery. Just be sure to test each new fabric in an inconspicuous spot for colour fading or spotting. This spray helps prevent your dog from becoming sick after chewing on something dangerous in the house or yard. Sinch 1919, we at wahl have delivered quality pet care through each of our products to professional groomers, veterinary doctors, and pet parents. Wahl experts have engineered a powerfull line of clippers and trimmers to bring modern technology to pet grooming. Our everyday range of fur-care products are made of plant derived ingredients and are safe for your pets delicate skin. Our fun- maintanance tools are designed to give a comfortable grooming experience.

  • Anti chewing spray helps train your pet not to chew, simply spray on furniture or carpet to help eliminate the aggravating problem
  • Natural source ingredients
  • Great training aid
  • Wahl anti-chewing spray helps train your pet not to chew and is made with natural source ingredients, 400ml