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W FROM VIRBAC: CET VEGGIEDENT FR3SH Tartar Control Chews are the newest innovation from Virbac, with a 3 way Performance that CLEANS TEETH, FRESHENS BREATH, and supports proper digestion. Virbac CET VEGGIEDENT FR3SH Tartar Control Chews for dogs uniquely target bad breath and supports proper digestion for your dog! Each chews addresses the oral causes of bad breath, with innovative breath freshening effects. The "Z Shape" maximizes prehension, allowing the chew to scrape away the tarter in hard to reach places, while enhancing the mechanical action of chewing. 90% of pet owners noticed significant improvement in their pet's breath from day 1, with continued improvement after a 14 day period. Virbac Veggiedents is a chewable vegetable Barritas Z-shaped fighting plaque and bad breath suitable for all types of dogs. Regular use of Virbac Veggie Dent helps in cleaning the teeth of dogs. The unique shape of Z is specifically designed to facilitate gripping and optimize the mechanical cleaning action during mastication.

  • FOR SMALL DOGS 11 to 22 lbs: Plant based chew with 3 way performance that cleans teeth, freshens breath, and supports proper digestion CONTAINS 30 CHEWS per bag
  • CLEANS TEETH: Just one chew daily reduces tartar and plaque, the oral causes of bad breath UNIQUE Z SHAPE allows the chew to reach front to back and everywhere in between
  • FRESHENS BREATH: Addresses oral causes of bad breath to freshen breath over the short and long term with a significant improvement from day one
  • TRUSTED FORMULA: Plant based, no meat ingredients, gluten free, and easily digestible Non GMO corn used, no artificial ingredients or chemicals, and moderate in calories Each chew contains 48 kcal per chew
  • VOHC APPROVED: Due to it's unique and effective shape, Veggiedent FR3SH has earned the VOHC seal of Veterinary Approval
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Virbac is committed to your experience of great satisfaction with Virbac products
  • SUPPORTS PROPER DIGESTION: Includes a prebiotic known to promote a balanced and healthy gut flora