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This Royal Canin mini dog junior contains an combination of nutrients to help support digestive health and a balanced intestinal flora in your pup which contributes to good stool . The complex antioxidants and prebiotics in the food help support the puppies natural defences. Royal Canin junior mini is for puppies up to 10 months old who will weigh up to 10kg when an adult. Approximate dimensions (Product): 45 x 26 x 14cm. Having a little puppy running around the house can be quite the challenge and can take a whole lot of your energy. These little ones require food that is nutritious and healthy and one product that can provide them with that is Royal Canin Mini Junior. The dog food is made with some of the best ingredients in the market to ensure that your little pup gets only the best in the business.

  • Mini breed junior dog food.
  • Royal Can: 1.
  • Quantity: 4kg