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Royal Canin Medium Adult, 4 kg is a complete feed for adult medium breed dogs (from 11 to 25 kg)Over 12 months. They weigh from 11 to 25kgs. These dogs are famous for their energy. They need balanced energy to maintain a healthy weight. Since its high palatable the dog enjoys the food.

Royal Canin medium Adult food is specially made to fulfill the dog’s optimum nutrition. The kibbles contain nutrients and micronutrients that support the hip and joints of the dog. They are medium breed dogs hence, require food which they are able to maintain throughout their life. The presence of antioxidant helps to neutralize free radicals in the bloodstream. The taurine which is contained in the food gives a healthy heart to the dogs.Some of the medium sized dogs are English setter, Border collie, Brittany, Australian shepherd, Basset hound, Canaan dogs etc.An oversupply of protein and fats often give chronic illness to the dogs especially when they do not get enough exercise. Royal Canin is specially designed to fulfill the requirements of the medium adult dogs. These dogs are more robust and agile than other dogs; they have a broad spectrum of being a high-performance dog. They have high energy requirements which can be fulfilled by having a proper meal. These dogs mostly spend a lot of time outside, thus having a high risk of infection.

  • Helps maintain digestive health and 100% Complete and balanced nutrition.
  • Nutritional profile which is adapted to the bitch's high energy needs at end of gestation and during lactation.
  • An exclusive combination of nutrients to support optimal digestive security (l. I. P. Proteins) and a balanced intestinal flora (prebiotics: Fos, mos) which also contribute to good stool quality.