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Help your Labrador Retriever puppy at home stay playfully active throughout the day, and grow into a healthy adult by serving him a portion of this Royal Canin food. This pack contains tailor-made nutrient-rich food for your little pup who is 2-15 months old.
It is a well-known fact that all adult Labradors have a tendency to gain weight. This specialized 3kg pack from Royal Canin will help you to maintain the ideal weight of your pet. All this is because of the adapted calorie content formula. Even the kibble size is made to adapt to your adult Labrador Retriever.The 3kg pack of the Junior Labrador food from Royal Canin contains a special formula that ensures healthy bones and joints for your pet. This is fortified with EPA and DHA that helps in the healthy development of your pet while maintaining a check on the weight. The presence of these two components helps to maintain healthy skin and coat. It has borage oils as well, which ensures a lustrous coat for your pet. This is a complete meal in itself, you just have to ensure clean drinking water at all times. The vitamin and antioxidant content of these exclusively designed kibbles helps in strengthening your puppy’s immune system. Fortified with dietary fibers, proteins, and prebiotics, this food promotes a healthy digestive system and a balanced intestinal flora. These two minerals promote healthy bones and joints, as well as strong teeth in your Labrador.