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Growth is an essential stage in your kitten's life because it's a time of big changes, significant discoveries and new encounters. During this period, it's important to make sure that your kitten gets the right kind of nutrients to support healthy growth and development. Suitable for kittens up to 12 months old, ROYAL CANIN Kitten food is specially formulated with the nutritional needs of your second age kitten in mind. The second age growth stage is a key period for your kitten because its immune system still developing at a gradual pace. ROYAL CANIN Kitten food helps to support your kitten's natural defences during this time, thanks particularly to a patented complex of antioxidants, including the highly beneficial vitamin E. Because your kitten's digestive system is in a delicate phase of development, ROYAL CANIN Kitten has an enhanced digestive tolerance thanks to the inclusion of L.I.P a protein selected due its 90% digestibility rate as well as prebiotics such as FOS. The growth period your kitten is now going through can be quite intense due to the many physical changes, that's why ROYAL CANIN Kitten food has an adapted protein content as well as a precise balance of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D and calcium. What's more, the high energy content in this food is purposely formulated to align with your kitten's high level of activity. To cater to each cat's individual preferences, ROYAL CANIN Kitten is also available as wet food in delicious gravy or succulent jelly. If you're considering mixed feeding, simply follow our feeding guidelines to ensure your cat gets an accurate amount of both wet and dry food for optimal benefit. At ROYAL CANIN we're committed to providing nutritional solutions to your pet's needs. All of our products undergo an extensive quality control process in order to guarantee the optimum quality of food as well as catering to your kitten's specific dietary requirements and lifestyle. This means that when your kitten eats ROYAL CANIN Kitten, it's getting a complete and balanced diet. This dry cat food from royal canin has been tailor-made for Kittens. This presents an exclusive kibble for each breed: a concentration of scientific and nutritional expertise born from the unique knowledge of Royal Canin combined with the practical experience of Breeders.

  • Complete food for your kitten.
  • Boosts immunity to ward off diseases.
  • Healthy skin and coat with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.