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The nutritional needs of very large breed dogs require a higher level of attention. These dog breeds are easily affected by poor diets that can have a long-term harmful effect on their heart and bone development. That’s why optimum nutrition intake for these dogs should start at an early stage as their joints and hearts come under stress. Hence, the Giant Size Health Nutrition range provides best nutritional solutions, specially formulated to maintain strong joints as well as a healthy heart. Our patented kibble design encourages these giant dog breeds to chew more, slowing down meal times and maximizing the value of their food intake. Choose between puppy and adult formulas based on your pet’s age.Giant Starter is designed for Giant breed mothers from the end of gestation (3rd trimester) and during lactation and young puppies up to 2 months. Royal Canin’s Starter formulas are a unique nutritional solution that meets the needs of the mother and her puppies during the first 5 stages of life : Gestation, birth, lactation, weaning and growth up to 2 months. Rooted in scientific research, Royal Canin's exclusive start complex is a combination of nutrients present in the mother's milk that actively promote digestive health and help maintain the puppy's natural defenses. Royal Canin Giant starter 1 kg is given as feed to the giant dogs requires special attention of the owner as these dogs are comparatively at a higher risk of bone and joint issues and frequently suffer from digestive upset. 

  • Nutritional response helps to facilitate the transition from mother’s milk to solid food.
  • Complete feed for adult Giant breed dogs (> 45 kg).
  • Helps support Giant breed dogs b1s and joints placed under stress