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You Need To Include Provical Supplement In The Diet Of Lactating Female Dogs And Puppies. It Forms An Essential Part Of Your Dog’S Diet As It Targets The Growth And Development Of Your Pet. This Calcium Supplement Helps To Re-Mineralise The Bones Of A Lactating Female Dog. The Provical Supplemnt Makes The Process Of Healing Faster And Gives Relief To Your Dog. Inclusion Of This Supplement In Your Dog’S Diet Will Ensure Strengthening Of The Bones. MCHC is known as complete bone food as it contains Calcium, Phosphorous etc. found naturally in bone in a proper ratio in a special matrix structure along with natural protein (collagen), substituent amino acids, glucosaminoglycan and broad range of trace minerals. 

  • Calcium Supplement For Your Pet.
  • Helps To Rejuvenate Bones.
  • Extremely Beneficial For Puppies And Lactating Mothers.