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Petvita ultra refined omega 3 is 100% sardine sourced omega 3 fatty acids in its natural triglyceride form.It containes fatty acids EPA&DHA that are essential to pets but lacks in their daily diat.A balanced diet of omega 3 to omega 6 is very important for animal metabolism.Omega 6 is abuntantly found in all grain based foods and hence omega 6 index is very high in animal body .It is advisable to supplyment your pets with petvita natural omega 3 (EPA DHA) to maintain proper health benefits. Heals and sooths dry or irritated skin.Try Our Pet Vita For 30 Days And If You Are Not Satisfied With The Changes That Your Dog Has Experienced, Dosage :Pet Vita Natural Omega3 Has Higher Content Of Epa & Dha. Pet Weighing 5 Kg Can Be Administer 2Gm Of Petvita . Depending On Pet Diet Plan Dosage Can Be Altered : Administer Through Feed. Use The Easy Non Leaking Pump For Administration.

  • What Can PetVita Omega 3 Do For Your Dog? Helps Reduce Allergies Healthier Bones & Joints Helps Anti-Inflammatory Action Helps Reduces Infections Helps Retina And Visual Cortex Development Increases Trainability Healthier Heart Helps Boosts Immunity Helps Faster Wound Healing Improves Dull And Dry Coats And Gives Softer Texture With A Silky Sheen.
  • Did You Know : Fatty Acid In Dry Foods Are Subject To Oxidative Degradation By The Time It Hits Your Store Shelves. Overcooking Can Also Destroy Fatty Acid And Vitamins In Fresh Foods.That's When You'Ll Need To Ensure Your Pet's Health Through Supplements. Exceptional Quality Being The Signature Benchmark Of Petvita, We Assure That Your Pets Get Optimum Amount Of Essential Fatty Acids With Petvita Natural Omega 3.
  • Pet Vita Omega3 Has A Mild Fish Smell. We Sure It Does Smell. It Is Sardine Fish Sourced Omega3, It Is 100% Safe & Superior Quality Omega3 Liquid Supplement. It Is Made From Human Edible Grade Omega3.