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Pedigree Professional Range Adult Small Breed Dog Food is a wholesome meal uniquely designed to complete the high nutritional and energy requirements in Adult small breed dogs. The special composition of food maintains superior health and provides energy to sustain its activity level. There are elements like oxalates, sodium, and calcium in the right proportions to guard your dog from urinary tract infections, which the small breed dogs are most susceptible to. Consciously chosen and finest sources of 27 essential nutrients and other healthy ingredients give a satisfying taste to the food, providing your dog with health, delight, and happiness. Extra zinc and balanced quantities of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids support a healthy skin and a radiant coat. The food is in the form of smaller kibbles to encourage proper chewing in order to maintain good periodontal health. Small breed dogs are prone to urinary tract disorder. The special formulation of PEDIGREE Adult Small Breed provides specific nutrients for urinary tract health. It has the right proportion of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and extra zinc to keep your dog's skin and coat in peak condition.Specifically chosen ingredients for high palatability.

  • Suitable meal for adult dogs of toy and smaller breeds.
  • Balanced proportion of oxalates, sodium, and calcium counters lower urinary tract infections.
  • Top quality ingredients for greater taste and a healthy digestion.