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Pedigree Denta stix small pack is a daily oral care dog treat with great taste and clinically proven oral care efficacy. It has unique patented 'X' shape and active ingredient system to help freshen breath. The shape of the treat helps to massage the gums and ensure healthy gums for your dogs. Its special texture is clinically proven to help reduce tartar build-up. Regular usage of the Pedigree Denta stix will help your dog to maintain the optimal level of oral hygiene.

  • Keeps your dog's teeth and gums healthy.
  • Complete edible dog dental treats.
  • Helps to clean between teeth and down to the gum line.

Pedigree’s Dentastix are meant for maintaining good oral health for your dogs. These deliciously chewy sticks give a very good exercise to the gums and fangs of your most loved fur babies. Pedigree is one of the most trusted dog food brands across the globe. With an experience spanning decades, Pedigree continues to come up with meal and treat varieties that are wholesome, tasty and loaded with all the nutrition that is needed to keep your dog healthy, active and happy.