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Pedigree Biscrok Biscuits are delightfully crunchy and nutritious biscuits that are perfect for daily training sessions or simply as a small snack between meals. Pedigree Biscuits are made to taste delicious, while it’s also nutritious with added essential vitamins and minerals. These tasty bone-shaped dog treats come filled with goodness of protein as well as a source of calcium. Each portion of the treat helps meet 10% of your pet’s daily energy requirement. Biscrok is recommended for all dog breeds & life stages over 4 months of age. Available in 2 delicious variants – treat your pet with tasty chicken or healthy milk biscuits every day. These biscuits for dogs contain no added artificial flavours. Each biscuit provides 15% Crude Protein, 7% Crude Fat & 5% Crude Fibre.Recommended for all dog breeds & life stages over 4 months of age.

  • Delightfully crunchy every day treats for your pet.
  • Bone shaped biscuits ideal to reward your dog during training or otherwise.
  • With the goodness of protein and a source of calcium.