Pedigree Adult - Meat and Rice Loaded with many essential nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins, the Pedigree Adult Meat and Rice dog food is both wholesome and delectable. It aids in the proper growth of your beloved canine, and keeps him healthy, both inside and outside. This dry dog food works as a balanced diet, and is good for your pet’s teeth, fur, bones, digestive tract, muscles and immunity.

  • Complete and balanced dog food for adult dogs.
  • Contains 20% crude Protein, 10% crude Fat, and 5% crude Fibre.
  • Provides strong muscles, bones & teeth and healthier & shinier coat.

Giving your beloved dog the right nutrition is as important as giving him/her a treat. And, that's what this product from Pedigree helps you do. Rich in vitamin E and protein, this packet of dog food helps strengthen your dog's immune system and his/her muscles, so he/she is healthy and your walks are longer.