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Orijen Original dog food

Orijen’s Biologically Appropriate approach is used in the making of Orijen Original Dry Food. Because you can’t be feeding a dog food fit for a rabbit and expect to thrive. The food contains 85% meat making it a primarily meat based diet. Free-run Chicken, Turkey, Atlantic Mackerel, wild-caught Flounder, Herring and nest-laid Eggs provide just as much protein as your dog needs through a variety of meats.

These proteins mixed with 15% botanicals in the form of high-quality vegetables and fruits. Orijen Original Dry Food is the perfect balanced diet your pet needs to live their best life!

Apt Diet for All Breeds & All Lifestages(Above 3 Months of Age) 85% Human Grade Meat Ingredients, 15% Botanicals Biologically Appropriate Food Crude Protein (min.) 38%, Fat content (min.) 18% Highly Palletable Lesser Cost per Feed Refer to the Feeding Guide for the Right Feeding Quantity Orijen Original dog food uses their Biologically Appropriate* approach to cater to the needs of all dogs at all stages of their lives. This dry food formula contains 85% meat inclusions, giving your pet 38% protein from a variety of meats like (free-run) chicken, turkey, (wild-caught) flounder, Atlantic mackerel and herring and nest-laid eggs.

Biologically Appropriate-With richly nourishing protein, and limited low-glycemic carbohydrates, Orijen Original Dry Dog Food nourishes dogs of all life stages, according to their evolutionary and biological needs just as they would in the wild. Because wolves don’t eat highly processed cooked food, do they?

85% Meat- Orijen Original Dry Dog Food is loaded with 85% meat ingredients in a biologically appropriate symphony. Free-run Chicken, Turkey, Atlantic Mackerel, wild-caught Flounder, Herring and nest-laid Eggs.

Apt for Sensitive Stomachs-High-quality botanicals and vegetables provide a rich source of soluble fiber to settle sensitive stomachs. They also support a healthy digestion in your dog which is key to the overall well-being of your pet. Because when was the last time you were constipated and happy at the same time?