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Orijen Cat and Kitten formula is suitable for all life stages from kitten through to mother cat and senior. Every cat requires a diet rich in proteins and fats from a variety of meats. It's what their ancestors hunted in the wild and now they can have it too, without all the hard work!

Orijen Cat And Kitten Grain Free Dry Cat Food, 12 Oz Some Cats Can Be Found Snuggled Up In Front Of The Fireplace. Others Are More Likely To Be Found Roaming Their Backyards Keeping Unwanted Pests Out Of The Garden. While All Cats Are Different, One Thing They All Have In Common Is The Need For Protein Rich, Biologically Appropriate Foods To Fuel Them. Cat Lovers Can Rejoice, For Orijen Cat And Kitten Recipe Is Now Made In The Usa! Orijen Cat And Kitten Grain Free Recipe Is 90% Meat, Fish And Eggs, And 100% Grain And Potato Free So You'Ll Know Your Feline Friend Is Eating The Nutrition They Deserve. Modern Cats And Kitten Are Built Like Their Ancestors, Possessing A Biological Need For A Diet That'S Rich And Varied In Animal Protein. So Whatever Your Cat Loves Doing Most, You'Ll Know They Are Being Fed The Very Best With Orijen Cat And Kitten Grain Free Recipe.

  • This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Rich In Meat (85%) And Protein (40%)
  • Carbohydrate-Limited (20%)
  • Unmatched Fresh Meat Inclusions (2/3)
  • An Abundant Variety Of Meats (5) Wholepreytm Meat Ratios
  • Rich in meat and protein to meet cats' biological need for a meat and protein-rich diet. Contains around 90% meat which is 3 times more than conventional cat foods. 
  • Free of plant concentrates
  • 2/3 of the meat in Orijen cat food are fresh or raw to provide the essential nutrients in their most nourishing form
  • Abundant variety of meats for diversity and sustainability - organic nest laid eggs and wild caught fish are used
  • Proper ratio of meat, organs and cartilage used
  • Low in carbohydrates, uses fresh fruit and vegetables like pumpkin and squash instead of potato and tapioca