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As per Farmina Nutrition System for Carnivores Philosophy, Dogs and Cats are considered carnivores who derive their energy from Proteins and Fats. Due to the absence of salivary amylase, pancreas overwork as they are in charge of the total digestion of carbohydrates. N&D Pumpkin uses genuine ingredients to offer your puppy a balanced and complete diet without any cereals or artificial preservatives.

  • N&D Pumpkin - Lamb & Blueberry formula is the new Grain Free line born in Italy with unique nutritional characteristics.
  • Lamb is rich essential fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid with better ratio between lean mass and fat.
  • Vacuum coating system, a unique technology which permits the inclusion of vitamins after cooking giving them longer life.
  • Anti diabetic, furthermore supporting low glycemic index feature
  • Beta carotene source (Vitamin A) and other natural antioxidants
  • Supports immune system
  • Active against free radicals resulting also in an anti carcinogenic effect
  • Promotes cardiovascular system protection
  • Regulates intestinal motility