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Matisse - Salmon and Tuna Complete and balanced food formulated for adult cats.Presence of insoluble fibers like Beetroot pulp promotes regular bowel movements and the formation of good stool consistency.In order to develop nutritional food based on weight and energy requirements, Farmina Pet Food classifies cat life stages as Kitten & Adult / Adult Neutered. The Matisse Premium Dry Cat Food is a complete food for cats and it features Salmon & Tuna as their main ingredients. Rich in taurine (an essential nutrient for cats) and is highly digestible. Taurine, not produced naturally by Cat’s body, is needed for prevention of the buildup of plaque in the arteries throughout the body.

  • The food helps in giving the coat a lustrous shine and dihydrate calcium sulfate help in urinary ph. control which helps in prevention of struvite stones.
  • Suitable For – All Breeds.
  • Life-stage Complete and balanced food formulated for adult cats.