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 Farmina Matisse Neutered Salmon Dry Cat Food 1.5 Kg is a recommended cat food for fulfilling all the nutritional and energy requirements of sterilized cats of all breeds. The diet is exclusively designed for preventing neutered felines from being overweight. A protein content of high biological value in the food maintains an ideal body mass and repairs body tissues. The starch and sugar content in Farmina Matisse Neutered Salmon Dry Cat Food has been lowered considerably for countering diabetes and obesity in felines. Essential minerals present in the diet support excellent urinary health and helps in fighting infections. The diet also helps neutered cats to maintain good dental hygiene and to keep bones and teeth in strong condition. N&D Matisse Neutered Salmon Cat Food helps in giving the coat a lustrous shine and dihydrate calcium sulfate help in urinary ph. control which helps in prevention of struvite stones.

  • Salmon fish as the primary ingredient makes the meal luscious to savour.
  • Adequate protein content for building lean muscle mass and strength.
  • Contains L-Carnitine for metabolizing fat deposits into energy.
  • Reduced starch and sugar content for making the meal anti-diabetic and to maintain an ideal weight.
  • Supports excellent urinary health in felines.
  • Bolsters the cats overall immunity.