Featuring 50% fresh duck, this recipe is low in fat and rich in Vitamins (A, B, D and E). Healthy veggies include pumpkin and courgettes - rich in fibre and great for digestion. Blueberries (with plenty of potassium), Omega 3 and fatty acids (great for the skin) add to its health value. The herb gravy includes kelp and rosemary for general well-being. Single meat source - Duck Blueberries, Courgettes and Pumpkin Herbs include rosemary and kelp Suitable for all dog breeds No artificial preservatives, colourants, flavours No grain, wheat, soya or dairy Please check with your vet before altering your pet's diet Check ingredients for possible allergens Always have fresh water available. No artificial preservatives, colourants, flavours. No grain, wheat, soya or dairy.

  • Single meat source - Duck.
  • Blueberries, Courgettes and Pumpkin.
  • Herbs include rosemary and kelp.