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Virbac episoothe pet shampoo 200 ml if you have a pooch or a cat who has sensitive skin or skin prone to dryness/rashes, virbac epi-soothe shampoo is for bathing them. Made of natural ingredients, virbac epi – soothe shampoo is soap less and protects the skin while gentle cleaning and conditioning the fur. The natural oat based ingredients reduce the growth of micro – organisms and leave a healthy clean skin. Shampoo For Routine Use In Dogs , Cats , Horses With Sensitive Skin . Soothing Moisturising Colloidal Oatmeal .Anti Irritant And Antu Adhesive Technology.

  • Soap-less shampoo soothes and controls mild itch of dry and sensitive skin
  • Spherulites provide slow release of ingredients
  • Reduces bacterial and yeast adhesion
  • Chitosanide creates a protective film on the skin and hair
  • Specially formulated for dogs, cats