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Product Code: ABK00624

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Secure fit and specifically designed to fit male dogs. Comfortable and secure fit Super absorbent and Breathable bottom layers gathered leak proof edges. 

Prevent odors, lock in moisture second to attract your puppy from fitting contoured shape antibacterial ingredient. Soft and refreshing non woven surface super absorbency layer. High-quality sap. Double-decked against leakage soft and thickening back sheet.

  • Abdominal belt
  • Hygiene for incontinenceAfter operations and when travelling, good fit due to elastic band and adhesive fasteners
  • Comes with abdominal belt
  • After operations and travelling good fit due to elastic band
  • Hygiene for incontinence, after operations and when traveling
  • Highly absorbent
  • Good fit due to elastic band
  • Easy disposable
  • And adhesive features