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Chip Chops Chicken and Codfish Rolls Dog Snacks contains high amount of proteins that helps in building and repairing muscles, and other body tissues. 

Chip Chops is a great way to keep your pooch motivated and encouraged to learn. While training your dog, it is a must to keep rewarding the dog to reinforce good behaviour. It is one such snack; as it is made of fresh meat. This dog snack provides a pure, tasty and highly digestible treat. This treat is filled with nutritional goodness and is suitable for feeding as a snack, rewards for good behaviour and to show your pet love with some indulgent pampering.

  • Delightfully crunchy every day treats for your pet
  • Helps sustain healthy skin and shinny coat
  • Product is highly nutritious.
  • Recommended for all dog breeds
  • In resealable bag.