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Canine Creek Starter Formula Is A Complete Food Specifically Designed To Meet The Nutritional Needs Of The Mother And Her Puppies During The First Five Stages Of Life: Gestation, Birth, Lactation, Weaning And Growth Up To 3 Months. This Grainfree Formula Comes In Easily Rehydrable Form Making It Suitable For Pregnant, Lactating Bitches. Essential Vitamins, Chelated Minerals And Combination Of 7 Super Antioxidants Supports Nutritional Needs Of Nursing Mothers. Canine Creek - Starter Puppies Food is made keeping in mind the nutritional needs of the puppies and her mother during their growth stages that is gestation, birth, lactation, weaning and growth up to 3 months. This formula is in the Rehydrable form that are suitable for all the pregnant, lactating bitches having essential vitamins,  minerals and mixture of 7 super antioxidants, that supports the nutritional needs of all nursing mothers & there puppies.

  • Grain Free.
  • 48% Real Chicken.
  • Cold Formed Kibbles.