TropiClean rsquo s Baby Powder Deodorizing Pet Spray for pets eliminates odors by attacking the odor at its source and breaking it down leaving behind a fresh and pleasant scent. Eliminates odors from: urine skunk feces glandular secretions vomit and all general pet odors. For use on dogs cats ferrets hamsters rabbits and other small animals." Your pet is sure going to smell amazing once you’re done spritzing her with TropiClean’s Baby Powder Deodorizing Dog & Cat Spray! This easy-to-use deodorizing spray is made in the USA and smells like baby powder to help keep your furry friend and your home smelling fur-esh. It’s crafted with 70% organic ingredients for natural freshness and is packaged in an earth-friendly bottle made from 50% recycled material. Plus, this spray is completely pet-friendly and cruelty-free for a product you can trust! So give your sidekick a couple spritz after her bath or in between baths to freshen her up!

  • Helps condition your pet’s coat and reduces static.
  • Leaves behind a soft and light, long-lasting baby powder scent.
  • Paw-fect to use in between baths to help keep your pet fresh.
  • Soap-free spray won’t affect flea treatments.
  • Helps break down odors; eliminating urine, outdoors, skunk, and other unfriendly smells.
  • Directions: Spray directly onto pet or source of odor. If odor persists after drying, the spray did not reach the source of the odor. Reapply as needed.
    HAZARDS TO HUMANS: Do not spray into eyes.