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Mild and gentle, and is completely safe on dogs. Doesn’t pose any threat to the pet even when used regularly. Deodorant spray is eco-friendly and is totally free of toxic and harsh chemicals. Due to its natural base, the deodorant can be easily used on any pedigree. Also, an excellent product to tackle pet odor. Interestingly, it is understood for calming mood tonic, as well. The spray relaxes the dog and helps it to tone down any aggressive behavior. The spray is an excellent insect and parasite repellent. It contains the vital natural oils to help & keep the insects and bugs away. Keeps the dog free from germs and harmful infections that are caused by them. For higher health benefits, using this deodorant regularly can be highly beneficial. The economically priced & this product is a must for your pet. Apart from being a natural deodorant, the spray also has larger health benefits that can ensure that your pet leads a healthy and beautiful life at large. For keeping your pet fresh and fragrant all through the day. The Aroma-tree 2 in 1 spray deodorant which will stay long enough to make your pet feel pleasant. Specially designed for cats & dogs.